If You are Interested in Volunteering for Any Aspects of PMYC Please Follow the Rules Below

Criminal Background Checks Required for All PMYC Coaches


The Board of Directors on 1/14/04 voted unanimously to require that all PMYC head coaches submit to a PA State Police criminal check, or similar background check from the individual's state of residence. Proof of background check must be turned into the sport commissioner prior to first practice. Certifications must be repeated each year. The process is easy. 

The certification can be done for $10.00 by mail, using a downloadable form. Mailing the certification requires a certified check. On line certification can be done for $10.00 using a credit card. The web address is https://epatch.state.pa.us Costs are the responsibility of the individual. This is a non-refundable fee for each request, regardless of the outcome. Customers will be charged for misspelling, duplicate submissions and user errors. Individuals refusing to meet these requirements will be immediately barred from any coaching position for PMYC. Individuals whose background check reveals convictions of any crime or against a minor may be barred from PMYC or from certain activities set forth by the Board of Directors. Individuals having a prior conviction will be reviewed by the PMYC Board prior to acceptance as a volunteer. Individuals who disagree with their criminal background check must contact the PA State Police. Individuals with appeals pending with the PA State Police are barred from PMYC until the appeals are resolved to the satisfaction of the PMYC’s Board of Directors.

Act 151 - Child Abuse Clearance Cost $10

This clearance must be completed through the mail and requires a check or money order. Clearances are returned within 14 days of receipt at their office. Detailed directions and the form are located at the link below: 


Privacy: All information submitted per these requirements will be considered confidential between the individual and the Board of Directors. This information may be shared with the other local organization in the event that an individual is barred from PMYC.

Limitations and Parent Responsibilities: The State Police Criminal Record Check is a valuable tool for PMYC and similar organizations to use to help protect our children from dangerous people. These tools are not 100% fool proof, however, and there is no guarantee. It remains your responsibility as a parent to supervise your children, to get to know the people working with your children, and to sound an alarm if you are aware of anything that goes beyond what you think is appropriate. Please contact Chuck McQuiston, president of PMYC with any comments.

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